Benefits of a robotic pool cleaner

We’ve all heard and read about how robotic pool cleaners are the best thing that has happened for swimming pool maintenance. But aside from being spiffy looking and cool, what benefits do robotic pool cleaners bring to the table? Worry not, we’ll answer this question and a whole lot more as we go dive deeper and learn more about our little robotic minion today.

Reason One: Robotic Pool Cleaners Clean the pool for you!

That’s it, end of article. Just kidding. But all joking aside, even if this is the only reason that you’ve gotten (or plan to get) a robotic pool cleaner, then it is already money well spent. Charge it up, drop it into the pool and that’s your cleaning regimen right there.

Reason Two: Robotic Pool Cleaners are better for your Body

While it is good to get a bit of exercise now and then and many would say that manually vacuuming the pool is good exercise, we would rather get our exercise from swimming in the pool rather than cleaning it. Having a robotic pool cleaner takes the burden off of your back and saves you from the sweltering heat. You can stay indoors while it happily chugs along cleaning your pool or you can just lounge by the poolside enjoying a cold drink while it does its job.

Reason Three: Robotic Pool Cleaners Filter your water

Remember how we’ve talked about different types of filter systems? Robotic pool cleaners have a built-in filter that filters your water as it does its job. And the best thing is, it filters down to two microns! This is like having a DE filter without all of the expenses and hassle of maintaining one.

Reason Four: Robotic Pool Cleaners relieve the stress from your filter

As we mentioned earlier, robotic pool cleaners have their own filter. This means that in addition to scrubbing the surfaces of your pool, fine particles in the water are caught in its filters, relieving the stress from your main filtration system and reducing the need to clean/change out your filter media.

Reason Five: Robotic Pool Cleaners never forget to clean a spot

A very common thing that happens to us when we manually vacuum the pool is we’ll go “I’ll get back to that spot later” and it might be time constraints or the heat or just plain forgetfulness, we’ll forget to clean that area. This leaves spots where algae could possibly grow in the future. This does not happen with robotic pool cleaners, every single inch of your pool will be scrubbed and cleaned without fail!

Reason Six: Robotic Pool Cleaners are Energy Efficient!

Electricity-wise, they only cost around 5 cents to run every cycle hour, this is over 90% cheaper than having your pumps run. So while your cleaner is running, give your pumps a break as it will circulate the water while it is doing its job.

Reason Seven: Robotic Pool Cleaners Reduce the Need for Chemicals

Robotic pool cleaners don’t require chemicals to clean the pool. This in turn will reduce the number of times you have to balance your pool water and reduce the volume of chemicals added to your pool.

Reason Eight: Robotic Pool Cleaners are self-contained

They don’t need your pool pump system to clean the pool. Unlike manual and automatic pool cleaners that rely on your pool pump (and sometimes needing a booster to function properly) robotic pool cleaners have their own power supply that function independently from your pool’s pumping system. So even if you have an undersized pool pump, you can still get the full cleaning benefits for your pool.

Reason Nine: Robotic Pool Cleaners are easier to setup and pack-up

There’s no need to attach hoses to ports, or assemble fittings and attachments, just switch the robotic pool cleaner on and it’s good to go! Afterwards, just pop out the filter, give everything a good rinse with your garden hose and store it for future use.


Ready to get a robotic pool cleaner? Then we suggest getting a Zodiac TX30 Tornax or a Robo-Tek Robo-Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner. They’re versatile, they cost less than the competition and they have virtually all of the same features as their more expensive counterparts. Not only that, they’re super easy to maintain as well.

The only downside we can think of for robotic pool cleaners is the rather high price of entry, but don’t worry, we have a solution for that as well. Head on down to our Payments page to see all the available financing options.


Still confused on which type of Pool Cleaner you should buy? Check out our blog post below for more information:


Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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