Every Pool Chemical you'll need for winter

If you’re expecting a list of exotic pool chemicals, then you’re going to be disappointed! Winterizing your pool doesn’t require a lot of unique or specialized chemicals, in fact, if you’re regularly balancing your pool, you’ll probably have all of these chemicals in your toolbox/chemical cabinet already!

pH Balancing Chemicals

If you already have your pH down tablets and your alkalinity increasers then you’re set for this chemical need. Before closing your pool for winter, make sure that your Total alkalinity levels (80ppm -120ppm) and your pH levels (7.2-7.4) are at their optimal levels so that all of your other pool chemical levels won’t fluctuate wildly during the winter months. Not only that, but having the pH levels of your pool on point will protect your pool surfaces from both corrosion and scaling.

Pool Chlorine

Unstabilised pool chlorine is your best bet for use during the winter months. Since we’re not expecting any loss of water which will lower your cyanuric acid levels, unstabilised chlorine will be perfect for topping up your chlorine levels during the winter. Plus, you’re going to need it to shock your pool when you open it for the spring/summer!


Now, this may not be something that everyone has in their arsenal but for us, it’s a must-have especially when it comes to winterizing your pool. Why? By the name alone, algaecide, it kills algae! If that’s not enough to convince you to add some algaecide for winter then how about this: having some algaecide will protect your pool from algae blooms if ever you forget to top up your pool chlorine during the winter break!

Phosphate Removers

We’re sorry, we just realized that this pool chemical isn’t something that isn’t a staple in many Australian pool owner’s toolbox, but it should be! What phosphate removers do is that they remove phosphates, which is basically algae superfood! Without food, algae will have a hard time growing, I mean, what would right? Without food, then the algae will starve, and starving algae means no algae blooms!


Now this isn’t something that we’ll use before or during the winter break but something that we’ll use once we open the pool up for spring or summer. What a clarifier does it that it clumps together the particles in your pool that are smaller than what your sand filter or cartridge filter can catch. Who doesn’t want a crystal clear pool on the first day of summer right?

Balancing your pool chemicals DURING winter

Since you won’t be using your pool much during winter and if it has been properly balanced before closing, we can confidently say that the most adjustments that we’ll be making to our pool balancing act is to just ensure that the chlorine levels are on point to prevent any bacterial contamination and of course, prevent algae growth.


So there you have it! It wasn’t what you expected right? Aside from a couple of pool chemicals, you’ll probably already have everything you’ll need to winterize your pool handy! We realize that some people don’t always have algaecide, phosphate removers, and clarifiers in their normal arsenal so we’ve bundled them together as our Water TechniX Winter Bundle that’s discounted versus buying them individually! And you also get a free clarifying cube!

Do you have any questions about this topic or the featured products? No worries, we're here to help! Drop us a question down below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Happy swimming :)

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